New Contact Infomation


A quick update about the recent lapse in good communication from Fusion Wallets, Many customers may have struggled this past few weeks to get in touch with me regarding your order or just in general if you have had a question ,

The reasons for this is that there have been a increasing amount of traffic coming to FW, There have been several very popular youtube videos featuring the Wallet and it's been in some publications with large circulations and generally just being shared around, While this is great for business this combined exposure add up to hundreds of thousands of people looking at FW's in some cases millions over very short periods, When a video has a spike in viewership of just a few thousand my inbox gets wiped out with hundreds of random customer questions that crowd out paying customers, while i appreciate the interest with everything combined it's just causes things to get missed.  I should have set up separate contact channels a while ago but the volume of messages never really demanded it untill recently.

In an effort to get the communication back on track ive set up these new channels of contact, 



Please use this address if you have any questions about the product's function or design and also any custom requests.



Please use this email if you have an order placed and have a question or problem such as you wish to cancel, You have a  change of address, Missing orders and so on.. 

You can always access this info at the CONTACT ME page on the website. Please bear with me in the next week or so while i clear up any remaining communication lapses, If you message me at the above address i will get back to you within 48-72 hours and resolve whatever your issues might be.