March and april orders

This update pertains to those who have placed an order for a Fusion Wallet in March or April.

May 31st 2016 is going to be the new dispatch date for your order.

This I’m sure is going to be very frustrating to those who have already been waiting along time and to those who have just ordered expecting a quick delivery, 

You may be aware that the last batch of wallets that i produced was also delayed in shipping, You can see that update below this one. This is due to a much greater interest in the Fusion wallet this year, The demand is 5 fold what it was at the end of 2015, For the past couple of months i have been working on number of measures to expand Fusion Wallets as a business. This includes the purchasing of larger CNC Machine to enable me to produce more parts at a faster rate than before and a complete redesign of the Fixtures and the tooling used to manufacture the parts, This will result in a major reduction in the time it takes to produce the wallet parts. The techniques for assembling and finishing the wallet have also been rethought and made to be more easily teachable, As it's just been myself doing it for the past few years it's difficult for others to jump in and help, Now though i should be able to get someone other than myself to assemble the wallets which going forwards will dramatically reduce my workload enabling me to spend more time on machining the parts, I will be the one that takes the assembled wallets and does the finishing work such as the sanding, Cleaning up and then the final oiling on the wood. Once the wallets are completed i’m also going to be employing an individual at the packaging stage to speed that up too. 

All these measures though do not happen overnight and it’s been disruptive to put many of them into place whilst maintaining an active production, The disruption has made it difficult to keep on track with this batches machining schedule, The new CNC Machine that i will soon take receipt of will dramatically increase the daily yield of parts although it will take a few days to install and calibrate, Then another couple of days to get the fixtures done and tested adding again to the disruption in the coming weeks.

I’m also endeavoring to make the communication better as such i’m going to be sending out weekly production updates via email and i'll be updating the website to keep you upto date.

These issues are not so much problems as the growing pains of this business and i can only ask for your consideration and patience while i work to get your order completed, I do understand that to many of you this will be very frustrating and not at all what you are wanting to hear so close to shipping but it has become unavoidable despite my best efforts. Please know that i am incredibly sorry for letting you down.

If the new May 31st shipping date is an issue for you or you any further questions please email me at, I will get back to you within 48 hours