February Shipping Delay

Hello Everyone,

This update pertains to those of you who have placed an order for a Fusion Wallet in either January or February,

March 31st 2016 is going to be the new dispatch date, Unless otherwise informed by email.

I fully realize that this is going to be a big disappoint for many who are eagerly awaiting delivery of their wallets and i can only give my sincerest apologies for the delay but please know that i am working none stop to keep production maxout to be able to fulfil everyone's orders by the above date.

With it just being myself that works on the Fusion Wallets I can only produce a limited number of them each month, I generally make 100 per month which is enough to satisfy the ongoing demand, Recently the Fusion Wallet has gathered a lot of press, Mostly from being featured on Youtube which i’m sure many of you reading this first saw the FW on said video. Over a very short period of time the sales exponentially increased causing some issues with the production of the normal monthly batch. As sales started to increase i upped my level of production accordingly but the sales have increased week on week and are still increasing to a point where they have out paced the production capabilities. I’ve been doing all that i can to manage this but there is ultimately a shortfall in availability at the moment. Over the course of March the necessary steps are being taken to increase the amount of wallets being produced to fulfill the demand.

I’m absolutely thrilled at the huge amount of interest that had suddenly landed on my products it really brings home why i do it when i hear from so many people all wanting to have one and show it off, I can only ask that you please bear with me while I work to complete your order in March.

If you have any question or wish to discuss this with me further please email me at fuionwallet@gmail.com or use the form below I will get back to you within 48 hours.



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