New video content!!

Something i've been wanting to do for a while now is produce more video content for the products and the process of making them, I've just made a video of the last few steps of finishing the wallets, I'm going to be making a similar video covering the cnc machining and the gluing process soon. 

I'm also going to be making some different experimental wallets and unique one off products in the coming weeks that i'll be selling via the site. I'm also going to be producing a "making of" video for each of them If you want to see them and get a chance to snag one for yourself subscribe to my Youtube channel to get to see them before anyone else, I'll be putting discount codes on there in the future, Check out the new videos description for this week's free shipping code and more.

Youtube page

Some recent wallets

I recently got my hands on some really nice American Oak, The wallets that are coming  from it  are fantastic you can see them in the pics below. I still have some so any oak wallet orders will be just like what you see there.

You can see the oak FW2 products HERE


Orders Now being sent out weekly

After a long time processing monthly batches i've decided to try and cut down the long waiting times and will be now producing the wallets on a weekly basis, Over the past few months i've been purposely producing more parts than necessary to create quite a large surplus, I have now a good stock of the components for all of the wallets. Now that i don't have to machine parts constantly i can focus on the part i enjoy the most! I will be assembling and finishing the wallet on a weekly basis so every monday i will ship the previous weeks wallets if not before. The quicker turnaround will also allow me to do more promotions and giveaways, It something i've always wanted to do but the monthly schedule always got in the way. 

Check back soon for more updates.

SoundProofing the FW2 -

Recently i've have had a few customers request that the wallets design be modded to accommodate some form of soundproofing as when you only have a couple of coins in there they can rattle a bit, When the bay is fuller they can't move around as much and are much less audible. I know though that some customers only use the coin bay as a place to store a spare key or single items like memory cards and such so i think its worth implementing.

With the sound proofing i don't want it to take any space away from the coin bay nor can it interfere with the doors movement. In the images you can see the solution that i think is going to be best, The black sheet material is vinyl and has a very sticky adhesive on the back, It easy to cut with a vinyl cutter which is like a 2d cnc machine for paper and thin sheet material , Its very useful and can make perfect cuts every time.

The smooth and slightly soft material applied to both side on the inside helps to take out the sharpness of the metal on metal and muffles the sound, I'll be adding this into future wallet batches.

New Ideas  -  Blog  -   more media

I've been receiving  a few questions lately regarding the wallets production process and a bunch requests for custom items and modifications to the standard wallet designs, A lot of it is very interesting and i think its worth sharing  so i will be posting more info about this and the ongoing production so please be sure to check back to see some interesting developments and new concept ideas.

I do often produce a lot of wallets concepts and iffy mods to existing designs that i wouldn't want to sell as they are incomplete or not a finished product but some of you may be interested in getting them, I'll be putting them up here also on he main page if your interested perhaps in a give away or at cost.


For those who have ordered this month I'm just about to apply the finishing oil and will be packing them up in a few days for shipping. I'll post a shipping update once they gone out at the end June.