General Update.

Hello everyone.

This is just a quick Update on a few points,

Firstly all Orders form the February batch have been sent out, If you are in that batch and don't have your wallet or have not spoken to me via email then please contact me at and i'll get it sorted out for you asap.    


The next batch is due to be shipped on April 30th and as of this post today it should go out as planned on the 30th. The larger demand of last year is no long causing delays so i don't anticipate any issues in achieving the date. If there is a problem it will be posted here in the updates section and i will also send out a mass email.


If you have placed an order that you believe to have been shipped but don't have then please contact me at i cannot get a resolution for you it if i don't know about the problem, All messages there will be answered with a few days of receiving them. If its a refund/ Missing Order / Question or an address change  please put that in the subject line so i can clearly see it and address it immediately for you.

I'm also going to try to develop FW social media locations more as i think many people would like to see the on going build process of the batches, You can follow FW at the links below,



January batch and general shipping update


I'm pleased to say the latest batch is going to be shipping out over the course of the next week, I'll be sending out a mass email today with the details and will follow that up with another update via email when your order has been sent out. 

You can reach me via the contact page or via if you have any queries about your order. Please understand that i receive a lot of messages around shipping times so it may take a few days to get back to your message but i will get back to you, don’t hesitate to message me again if you feel you've been missed.


If you have an order with FW and have not received it yet and are not a part of the Sept - Jan batch, then please let me know at and I’ll get that resolved for you as quickly as i can.



New Contact Infomation


A quick update about the recent lapse in good communication from Fusion Wallets, Many customers may have struggled this past few weeks to get in touch with me regarding your order or just in general if you have had a question ,

The reasons for this is that there have been a increasing amount of traffic coming to FW, There have been several very popular youtube videos featuring the Wallet and it's been in some publications with large circulations and generally just being shared around, While this is great for business this combined exposure add up to hundreds of thousands of people looking at FW's in some cases millions over very short periods, When a video has a spike in viewership of just a few thousand my inbox gets wiped out with hundreds of random customer questions that crowd out paying customers, while i appreciate the interest with everything combined it's just causes things to get missed.  I should have set up separate contact channels a while ago but the volume of messages never really demanded it untill recently.

In an effort to get the communication back on track ive set up these new channels of contact, 



Please use this address if you have any questions about the product's function or design and also any custom requests.



Please use this email if you have an order placed and have a question or problem such as you wish to cancel, You have a  change of address, Missing orders and so on.. 

You can always access this info at the CONTACT ME page on the website. Please bear with me in the next week or so while i clear up any remaining communication lapses, If you message me at the above address i will get back to you within 48-72 hours and resolve whatever your issues might be.



March and april orders

This update pertains to those who have placed an order for a Fusion Wallet in March or April.

May 31st 2016 is going to be the new dispatch date for your order.

This I’m sure is going to be very frustrating to those who have already been waiting along time and to those who have just ordered expecting a quick delivery, 

You may be aware that the last batch of wallets that i produced was also delayed in shipping, You can see that update below this one. This is due to a much greater interest in the Fusion wallet this year, The demand is 5 fold what it was at the end of 2015, For the past couple of months i have been working on number of measures to expand Fusion Wallets as a business. This includes the purchasing of larger CNC Machine to enable me to produce more parts at a faster rate than before and a complete redesign of the Fixtures and the tooling used to manufacture the parts, This will result in a major reduction in the time it takes to produce the wallet parts. The techniques for assembling and finishing the wallet have also been rethought and made to be more easily teachable, As it's just been myself doing it for the past few years it's difficult for others to jump in and help, Now though i should be able to get someone other than myself to assemble the wallets which going forwards will dramatically reduce my workload enabling me to spend more time on machining the parts, I will be the one that takes the assembled wallets and does the finishing work such as the sanding, Cleaning up and then the final oiling on the wood. Once the wallets are completed i’m also going to be employing an individual at the packaging stage to speed that up too. 

All these measures though do not happen overnight and it’s been disruptive to put many of them into place whilst maintaining an active production, The disruption has made it difficult to keep on track with this batches machining schedule, The new CNC Machine that i will soon take receipt of will dramatically increase the daily yield of parts although it will take a few days to install and calibrate, Then another couple of days to get the fixtures done and tested adding again to the disruption in the coming weeks.

I’m also endeavoring to make the communication better as such i’m going to be sending out weekly production updates via email and i'll be updating the website to keep you upto date.

These issues are not so much problems as the growing pains of this business and i can only ask for your consideration and patience while i work to get your order completed, I do understand that to many of you this will be very frustrating and not at all what you are wanting to hear so close to shipping but it has become unavoidable despite my best efforts. Please know that i am incredibly sorry for letting you down.

If the new May 31st shipping date is an issue for you or you any further questions please email me at, I will get back to you within 48 hours



February Shipping Delay

Hello Everyone,

This update pertains to those of you who have placed an order for a Fusion Wallet in either January or February,

March 31st 2016 is going to be the new dispatch date, Unless otherwise informed by email.

I fully realize that this is going to be a big disappoint for many who are eagerly awaiting delivery of their wallets and i can only give my sincerest apologies for the delay but please know that i am working none stop to keep production maxout to be able to fulfil everyone's orders by the above date.

With it just being myself that works on the Fusion Wallets I can only produce a limited number of them each month, I generally make 100 per month which is enough to satisfy the ongoing demand, Recently the Fusion Wallet has gathered a lot of press, Mostly from being featured on Youtube which i’m sure many of you reading this first saw the FW on said video. Over a very short period of time the sales exponentially increased causing some issues with the production of the normal monthly batch. As sales started to increase i upped my level of production accordingly but the sales have increased week on week and are still increasing to a point where they have out paced the production capabilities. I’ve been doing all that i can to manage this but there is ultimately a shortfall in availability at the moment. Over the course of March the necessary steps are being taken to increase the amount of wallets being produced to fulfill the demand.

I’m absolutely thrilled at the huge amount of interest that had suddenly landed on my products it really brings home why i do it when i hear from so many people all wanting to have one and show it off, I can only ask that you please bear with me while I work to complete your order in March.

If you have any question or wish to discuss this with me further please email me at or use the form below I will get back to you within 48 hours.



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February 29th Pre Orders

If you are considering purchasing a fusion Wallet please be aware that they are Handmade by myself and i have a limit of 100ish per month that i can produce, Due to some recent press and being featured on a few different YouTube videos the demand for the FW has shot up over just a few days, As a result I do not have any wallets available for order in January as all of them have now been sold as have a good number of the February's batch, Once the 100 limit is reached for February I will push the Pre-orders out to March 31st and so on if need be.

If you have any questions about the fusion wallet or the pre order process please contact me at or use the form below.

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